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Cara Mayo

A Sample of my “Vision Quest Art”
Linda requested a vision quest painting... Below is what followed...

I did a vision quest using the South American Lower World posture from the Ecstatic Body Postures book by Belinda Gore.  Gore uses body postures from figurines and rock paintings as ritual instructions for ecstatic trance and visionary experiences.  The posture of the South American Lower World was taught to Michael Harner (book 'The way of the Shaman') by the Jivaro Indians of Ecuador.  Here is the vision I received while asking to be shown what is most important for you to see right now.

 I left gifts for the Lady.  She took my hand as we jumped into a deep pool.  We emerge into a huge cavern with candle wall sconces and she holds my hand as we watch a movie on the wall.
 A young Indian brave sits on a blanket with a maiden.  He tells her that he knows in his heart he will not return from a raid he is undertaking the next day.  He tells her he feels that if they were to have a child it would be a blessed child.  She listens and hears the truth of his words in her heart.  He leaves the next day and does not return.  She has a boy child nine months later.  He is very special and loved by the people.  His father was very gifted and the child is even more so.  His mother eventually joins with a brave and has more children.  
When he gets older he realizes the lives of his people will change.  The input from his father has always been with him and coupled with his own gifts he has very special abilities.  He learns early to pay attention to what is given to him and the importance of sharing this with other children of later generations.  He also realizes as a young brave that he must find a way to put this information down and keep it in a safe place for future generations.  He goes on a vision quest knowing he is a vessel for these words and that he must safeguard himself until his duty of passing on the wisdom is discharged.  
 Following his path as a sacred journey he eventually comes to a clearing with a small log cabin.  For days he watches the cabin and sees there is a solitary young woman tending the animals there.  She keeps a shotgun with her.  He waits knowing that time will bring the right opportunity for clearly he is to meet her.  Days pass when two men on horses arrive at the cabin.  They look menacing.  He gets closer to watch and see the men force open the cabin door before the woman can use her shotgun.  One man attacks her while the other goes through the belongings in the cabin.  She fights back but soon she will be overpowered.  The brave sneaks in the cabin.  Using a club he knocks out both men.  She is in shock but unharmed.  He ties both of them onto their horses and scares the horses away.  When he returns to the cabin she has the gun aimed at him.  He waits, eventually she puts the gun down.  
 He gives her water and helps her do the chores.  She cooks and invites him to eat with her.  Time goes on, he sleeps under the stars and helps her with daily life.  Time goes on,
they learn to converse.  He explains that he has need of someone to write down the wisdom he contains and to keep this wisdom safe.  Over time she inscribes his words.  They both know that when this is done he must leave.  While there is great love between them she awaits her husband and he knows he will return to his tribe.  At the end of their time her husband arrives.  He is at first suspicious of him but realizes the brave has kept his wife safe and sees that nothing sexual has happened.  The husband thanks him.
  With his duty discharged the brave returns to the normal daily life of his tribe using his wisdom to help the people.  The woman promised to safeguard the wisdom, passing it along to one of her daughters to keep and on down through the generations, always through a daughter.  Now it is time for the wisdom to be revealed.  The current daughter  feels her ancestor and the brave around her will help.  She asks for their help to reveal this information in the best way possible and in the best form.  It is here that the book is unwrapped and she 'reads' the many pages of wisdom.  
 The brave takes her hand to write down the wisdom.  She sees pictures along with words as stories emerge in different ways.  Behind her on the wall petro-glyphs dance as if shadows cast by candle light dance the story.  Her days of writing over, she changes into clothes to go present the words from generations ago.  Around her are symbols he has given her for protection to help clearly share the wisdom for other people to hear her voice and listen.  This is a duty she is happy to discharge; giving wisdom to all peoples.  In the firelight she is holding symbolic animal totems with words woven between them like songs.  The sound of drum beats and flute vibrate through the scene.  There are woven blankets in the background.  Her yellow hair is a  contrast.
 With the movie ended the Lady takes my hand and we return the way we came.  I thank her and return home.

  I had a visual at the end and that is what I work toward for the final layer.  When I sit down to start I open myself up to showing what needs to be known on the journey to the final layer.
Vision Quest Art

Layer 1

There is a smoke signal coming out of the water of life. The color of the smoke is an earth color and looks like a road or passage.

Layer 2

There is a landscape.  A 'red road' is the single stripe with layers of other roads traveled below it.  The abode of the 'sun' and therefore 'sustenance' shows in the right corner.  Bottom left earth shows a particular place on earth.

Layer 3

The Bird of Heaven enlivens this lifetime -Spirit enters.

Layer 4

Here the Bird of Life is flying into the water.  Almost like a moving picture with the newer frame over painting the bird’s wings from layer 3.

Layer 5

The moment the Bird of Spirit brings the new soul to this plane.  White 'smoke' is plasma, the ingredients for manifestation.

Layer 6

Earth landscape is coming into focus.  

Layer 7

The moon is added.  Time is passing as the phases of  the moon come to mind.

Layer 8

Out of the Waters of Life arises the Flame of Creation. A figure in white (plasma) emerges from the flames. Behind are layers of color reminiscent of a shawl or blanket and also the backdrop for the life shown.

Layer 9

The figure has palms up with white energy building up the form.  Holding in this form is pink, the constant love as a support and foundation.

Layer 10

Shapes come from the smoke in the maiden's hands. The right hand has an owl with the reflection from the fire light an owl forms on the 'wall' behind her.  In her left hand is the bear.  Above and to her right is a drum. There is vibrant yellow wisdom in the V of her robe and around her head a band of love (gentle love and compassion as a foundation) emerges...  Her robes are white now.  She is the vessel of creation holding her palms up with smoke from the fire passing over her hands and shapes arising.

Layer 11

The right side of the scene is filled with plasma, the left side shows earth. Opposites

Layer 12

Both sides on the bottom have energy filling in.  The maiden's hair is white energy.  Purple flowers hang from her hair.  This is spiritual energy from the flowers that outlines her face and becomes a receptacle under her hands.  Her eyes are closed to focus on creating.  She is filled with peace.  There is a rawhide drumstick to strike the drum.  Vibrations are an important part of the process.

Layer 13

Purple outlines the flames connecting the spiritual bonds from the fire to the maiden.

Layer 14

From the flames spiritual vapors become the maiden's hair.  Light turquoise and pale amethyst combine almost like snakes of wisdom. The drum feels like a full moon with protector animals watching over this process.  Both compassion and spirituality support her upturned hands. A turquoise do of communication with 'the people' rests there.  On her heart are crossed ears of corn (sustenance and listening).  Corn is one of the three sisters.  A magenta heart is open and filled.

Layer 15

On either side of the fire deep blue black of space resides-outer space that is within us.  Two circles surround the painting as if it is a movie on a drum head.  The reminder of vibrations is important here - to continue the vibration of the vision in a physical way.

Layer 16

The phases of the moon and stars are filling 'space.' There is a constellation of the 'Bear Keeper' connected by gold lines in the fire, on the maiden, bear, owl and drum. This tells of the gift of bear energy and being the steward of the gift.  The celestial ribbon holds the staves of the fire (like wheat) and corn.  It is a scene of abundance and the prayers of 'the people for abundance for all.

Layer 17

Around her head is a wreath of trees with berries of compassion.  Blond hair connects to the corn crossed over her heart.  It is a continuation of the flames.

Layer 18

Around her neck the maiden has turquoise showing the connection with 'the people' and communication of their wisdom.  In the smoke a bird flies over the back of the bear and smoke signals go upward.  The bird is flying on the bear's back.  This bird is a spirit form.  A line of ochre color is added along the 'red road.'  Dust from the ochre color meets the heavens.  There is celestial support from connecting with the pollen of the trail of life - each step of this life has wisdom.

Final Layer 19

There is a turtle on the drum.  A spiral of ochre pollen - the road of human life with the turtle, an arc of ancient wisdom.  On the maidens' face are dots of turquoise, her connection with 'the people', almost a tear drop.  Below are pink shell shapes.  Shells were used for barter.  The precious heart of compassion supports communicating and receiving wisdom from 'the people'.  The clouds have turquoise and light magenta lining as does the bird.  Use this gentle support to grow and enrich your path.  Communication
is important.  Being a receptacle and sender of the peoples wisdom
coupled with compassion creates strongly and deeply.  The bird and clouds are becoming more concrete.  It all sits on the back of vibration-what do you send out and take in vibrationally every day, every moment?  Is there a time and a place to connect with the people?  Do you hear your own heart drum?  The phases of the moon are important.
Perhaps there is a phase of beingness, of receptivity, outward communication, sharing and supporting yourself, etc.  Walking with the cycles will enhance your time on the path.  Much is awaiting your presence.  

Focused time in small amounts will set up the vibration for this interplay.  Let this vibration support your words and actions for what is best in each situation.

Thank you for allowing me to share with you!!!  When you spend time with the layers and the painting more will come to you.  My words are suggestions and descriptions of feelings received.
Copyright © 2009 by Cara Mayo
What People Are Saying...
From S.W.:
 “The vision quest painting Cara Mayo did for me has been life-altering.  The enormity of information and imagery that she captures through the layered approach that she uses creates an expression that reflects our multidimensionality.  Every time I look at the different layers as well as the finished product, I am reminded of the greater part of who I am.  So often in our world we focus on our shortcomings, our lack, where we feel that we fall just short of the mark.  This painting has allowed me to see the glory of my own true nature and rejoice in seeing myself as I truly am.  The underlying layers are like secret hidden gems that point to parts of myself that I don’t ordinarily see.  It is a way of exposing what is hidden, so that we may see it, without taking away the mystery.  Every time I look at each level of this painting, something new touches me, and I feel how truly remarkable this expression of life is that is my own being.  Cara’s work is a gift to each of us to see ourselves anew and rejoice in who we are and what we have to share.  A truly gifted psychic and visionary, Cara allows her insights to reach out and touch the unknown and make it real.  What a gift to our present journey through this earth walk!”    SW

From A.K.:
 “Cara has the ability to look into, and to see, feel and sense the layers of a being - and animal, a person, a part of nature - to discover who and what is there.  She makes a vision quest for a person, often asking 'What does that person most need to see?', then paints what she experiences, layer by layer, exposing the truths at that moment in time.
 In the actual painting, one sees only the final product, but the layers are there, as are her descriptions, so the painting becomes much more than a two-dimensional piece.  It is a multidimensional expression of being.  In the 10+ hour process of making a painting like this, Cara describes in writing each part of the process, and preserves the layers in photo, so the viewer knows what is there, in the layers.
 Everything Cara paints relates to the being, and because we are all connected to each other and to the source, one will often see themes of this multidimensional connectedness in her work: nature, planets, elemental beings, and the elements themselves: earth, air, fire, water.  She is able to tap into this for us and, through her painting, shows us how we are connected.
 What Cara painted for me was absolutely beautiful.  The layers and her descriptions of what she saw, gave me much to think about in terms of what I am connected with, and perhaps what forces I need to better work with.
 The layers are quite interesting and helpful to expose how the process occurred, and how the vision quest took shape.  In the final description, the culmination of the process, Cara ties it all together in a way that gives me solid suggestions for what my gifts are, and how I might better apply them.
 It is uplifting and heart-opening to have someone so gifted take this journey for you and show you your own gifts.”  AK

Contact Cara for your own Vision Quest Art

You will receive:

A spiral bound book with color pictures and information for each layer

A 16" x 20" acrylic painting on canvas.

About Vision Quest Art

   Everyone has a Light, the special part that is unique to them, along with a connection to all sentient beings, Oneness.  Naming our uniqueness can help us open to heartfelt, meaningful experiences.  The vision quest art is a vehicle for exploration.  It serves as a stepping stone to suggest, remind and encourage further encounters with our 'authentic self'.

    The layers set the stage for the process.  Each layer can be engaged with for information.  While the final painting is a culmination, it is not a linear progression but instead one strand of a tapestry.  Expand upon a layer by experiencing what you feel from it, where you feel this particular sense in your body, in your life.  Look for meaning and allow a story to unfold.  Your discoveries can be linked together and expanded further.  The experience of the vision quest layers and finished painting can support and guide you to deeper self understanding.